New Location, Old Legacy

MM Speed Engineering

Clients visiting our shop on Roseville Road have seen first hand the quality and quantity of cars we work on. For nearly ten years, we’ve pumped out badass cars, while working like sardines packed in motor oil as we’ve steadily outgrown our shop. In the mornings, it would take 20 minutes to get the cars moved around to a point where we could get things rolling, and at the end of the day it would take longer to shuffle the cars inside for the night.

IMG_2118_0007About a year ago, it became painfully obvious that our digs were a forced fit and we began to sniff around for a more ideal location. Unable to get more space on Roseville Road, we began to look elsewhere. With a shopping list of things we needed in a new shop, our search took us all over Sacramento. After looking at shops in Rancho Cordova, Natomas, Roseville and West Sac, we finally found a spot that clicked off all the check marks; Freeway visible, centrally located, and spacious with plenty of room to grow.


As we got further into negotiations, we discovered something extra cool. The spot we found was the former location of a legendary location for Sacramento Gearheads; M&M Speed Engineering. As we finalized the deal and began moving in, our customers who had been around Sac for a long time began to share their familiarity of the shop- stories of the parts they bought and cars they worked on generations ago seem aplenty. During the early heyday of Sacramento hot rodding, this spot was the place to be!

IMG_2403_0201Inside the front office

We’re proud to announce that things have come full circle. For those that haven’t heard, we have officially relocated to 2676 Albatross Way in Sacramento. Minutes off the Business 80 and El Camino exit, our new showroom and shop is already starting to feel like home. If you get the chance, please come by and say howdy. And if you happen to have been to the shop in the past, come share a story about you and your car back in the day. We eagerly embrace the history.


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FullSizeRenderFrom the 1975 Autorama Program

Date posted: August 29, 2015    Newsletter