YES, we do trucks…….!


Although are known us as muscle car shop, we definitely love trucks too!
And, trucks are HOT right now. A recent scan of the new shop facility proves it -we’ve got six pickups in the shop today: a ’48 Ford F1, a ’55 Chevy 1st series, a ’56 Chevy ½ ton, a ’57 getting fitted with C4 Corvette suspension, a ’58 big window Chevy pick ‘em up, and a stunning frame-off 1970 C/10 project that’s just wrapping up.

Trucks have always been a mainstay in the hotrod community. To many, there’s nothing finer than a hotrod hauler. Tricked out trucks often steal the show at major events, and they seem to be more popular than ever! Arguably the hottest trend in the truck market right now is the classic C/10 body style. According to HotRod Magazine “It’s a trend we’ve been watching grow for years by tracking which cover truck consistently does best on the newsstand and gets the most website hits; we are talking about the range of ’67-’72 Chevrolet and GMC light-duty trucks, including pickups and other variants such as the Blazer and Suburban.”


Much like the craze throughout the muscle car world, the vast majority of badass trucks being built today are RestoMods. It’s hard to beat the classic styling of an iconic legend stuffed with all of the modern technology today’s aftermarket has to offer. While fully restored pickups can pull top dollar, it’s drivability that most truck owners are after.

Case in point, a sweet ’70 we’re building in house. A repeat customer of ours recently brought us his solid, unrestored C/10 for a major reconstruction. Traditionally a purist (he also owns a bone stock ’57 Bel Air ragtop and a ’67 big-block Corvette), Dennis came to the “dark side” with this build. Although his other cars are show-stoppers, he wanted us to build a truck that he and his wife could drive on a daily basis, take camping, tow a trailer, haul stuff, you name it. What was previously sacrilegious to this muscle car aficionado, has now become an exciting endeavor.


For the heartbeat, Dennis decided he wanted to take advantage of Chevy’s phenomenal LS engine platform. He procured a 2007 Silverado 5.3 liter engine and 4L60E transmission from a local salvage yard. Since the engine had very few miles on it, we opted for a nice cam swap, valve spring upgrade, mid-length headers and a cold air intake. The truck was already equipped with a 12-bolt rearend, so the gears were swapped to 3:31′s and an Eaton posi unit was installed while the frame was out for powdercoating. Stan and the guys over at ECE (Early Classic Enterprises) in Fresno, CA were the source for all the suspension upgrades, including: a power disc brake changeover, a 4/6 lowering kit, performance steering components, heavy duty swaybar and adjustable rear track bar. If you build one of these trucks, these guys are a wealth of knowledge and more than happy to help!

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Date posted: September 8, 2015    Newsletter