At Gearhead Garage, we specialize in making your dreams become reality. Combining your unique vision with our knowledge of cutting-edge innovations, our custom builds turn your classic car into a modern, high performance hotrod. We blend the latest technology with clean classic styling, giving you the best of both worlds- performance, drivability, safety and reliability all in a custom-classic, muscle car package.
What is?


Pro-Touring is a 10-mile length of canyon road with no opposing traffic.

Pro Touring is an as-far-as-the-eye-can-see stretch of Montana Freeway, a full tank of gas, and overdrive transmission, and a tail wind.

Pro Touring is being proud of those rock chips all over your lower control arms.

Pro Touring is driving up the coast of California on a summer day with a stout small-block under the hood, a great-handling car, and your favorite lady by your side.

Pro Touring is being proud of your Bonderant-taught skill of the heel-and-toe-double-clutch-downshift technique.

Pro Touring is knowing what a Bonderant-taught skill of the heel-and-toe-double-clutch-downshift is and how to do it.

Pro Touring is knowing you apexed that corner better than you ever have before.

Pro Touring is entering that same corner a little bit faster the next time, just to see if you can.

Pro Touring is constantly looking for an excuse to demonstrate how your Baer-braked Camaro can rearrange your passenger's internal organs with a massive dose of deceleration.

Pro Touring is knowing you can dust that smug clown in the Porsche in any number of different ways without even breaking a sweat.

Pro Touring is calling the Pony Express 100 for an entry form.

Pro Touring means having to constantly answer the question, "How did you make those monster tires fit?"

Pro Touring is knowing you'll need a killer oil cooler.

Pro Touring is a heck of a lot more seat time than drag racing.

Pro Touring is scouting the road race pits for ideas for your street car.

Pro Touring is wishing you had a dry sump because the high lateral g's are literally making the oil climb the walls of the oil pan.

Pro Touring is wondering what aerodynamic tricks will be needed to push a '67 Camaro to 200 mph.

Pro Touring is all the right reasons for building brake ducts on your early Nova street car. Pro Touring is making those mods to your own '67 Camaro to see what happens to an early Camaro at 175 mph.

Pro Touring is so cool that Tommy Kendall wants to drive your car!

Pro Touring is a good excuse not to go straight.

Pro Touring is power steering, power brakes, and A/C for all the right reasons.

Pro Touring is spending more time enjoying your car than working on it.

Pro Touring is just plain fun.

**Jeff Smith (Chevy High Performance April 1998)-FAST TALK”